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Innovation and sustainability: the future

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Innovazione e sostenibilità

The birth of the Ministry of Ecological Transition turns the spotlight on the winning combination of the future: that between innovation and sustainability

The birth of the Ministry of Ecological Transition marks a turning point in defining strategic priorities for the future of Italy. In fact, functions that highlight the profound interconnectedness between innovation and sustainability will converge in the new department; that is, two key elements in addressing the challenges that will follow the pandemic.

It is, therefore, a new paradigm in which innovation must also be calibrated to the measure of the environment; as well as being thought of in relation to the needs of the human being. Only in this way will it be possible to lead the country happily towards a 360% ecological and sustainable transition.

But this will not be the only challenge to await the Ministry of Ecological Transition. Among the most important tasks of the dicastery will be to consolidate the position of advantage that Italy already holds in the overall circularity index. Compared to many European countries, our nation is precisely at the forefront of this important indicator of efficiency.

This primacy of Italy is certainly an incentive to adopt policies of sustainability. Moreover, as demonstrated by Deloitte research, companies that have made green investments have better supported the impact of the pandemic; with less impact on both financial performance and turnover. A green turn would therefore reward the enterprises acting as shock absorber during the crises, but not only. According to forecasts, sustainability would also allow us to face the post-pandemic period with greater optimism and positivity.

In short, implementing courageous choices in this field seems to be the property to lead Italy towards a real transition; both from the ecological and sustainable point of view, as well as from the point of view of innovation and digitalisation. On the other hand, as highlighted by the European Commission’s recommendations, innovation and sustainability are exactly the two sides of the same coin.

An appointment to understand the ecological transition: the National Day of the Sea

At this point, however, a question arises: where to start to better understand the fundamental correlation between innovation and sustainability? From the National Day of the Sea! In fact, Sunday, April 11 at 15 will be the minister Cingolani to kick off the direct social of the meek; both to talk about the sea resource and to raise awareness of its protection, and to illustrate the actions implemented by the ministry.

Many guests will take part in the live Facebook: Carlo Zaghi, general manager for the sea and the coast; the journalist Donatella Bianchi; the researcher Ispra Erika Magaletti; Admiral Aurelio Caligiore. In addition, Marco Colombo, naturalist and photographer, will talk about the importance of environmental education; while the scientific popularizer Mariasole Bianco will present the Rai Ragazzi cartoon “AcquaTeam: Missione Mare“. The closing of the event is entrusted instead to the actress Cristiana Capotondi, face of the defense of the sea together with One Ocean Foundation.

In the course of the encounter they will be then projected numerous video realized from the Italian Marine Protected Areas, interspersed from the participations of exponents of the Body of the Harbour offices – Coastguard; Marevivo Onlus; Legambiente Onlus;Greenpeace Italia and N’ Sea Yet.

In short, an important event for the centrality of the issues that will be addressed, but not only. It is also an unmissable opportunity to deepen and better understand the possibilities that the future has in store for those willing to embrace a new idea of innovation; that of an ecological and sustainable transition.


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