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Isolation of the road section for the provision of emergency services

The opening of a work site with the provision of barriers for the safety of the affected area during a standard road safety restoration

Road floor cleaning during a standard road safety restoration

The Road safety restoration interventions are always carried out in order to ensure the continuous flow of traffic

Repair of damaged road infrastructure, replacement of a guard rail.

Replacement of a manhole damaged by a road accident

Infrastructural restoration following the breaking of concrete slabs at the roadside

Important intervention with large spillage following the tipping of a truck with tank

Important intervention with removal of an overturned trailer and recovery of the goods dispersed on the ground

Cleaning operation in progress after a hydrocarbon spill

Removal of vehicle in obvious state of abandonment

Even in the most difficult conditions, the nearest clo will intervene within 30 minutes from the call, 24h on 24

The clo of Turin

The clo of Grosseto