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Operational Logistics Centres

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We have an extensive network of Operational Logistics Centers (CLO) strategically distributed throughout the country. In total, there are over 600 affiliated operating structures, which allow us to completely cover the road network and intervene promptly in case of emergency.

Our CLO are operational teams in charge of cleaning and remediation of roads and equipped with all the necessary tools to perform the interventions.

The Logistics Centers are located in strategic places of the territory to ensure a timely arrival at the accident site within a maximum time of 30 minutes, taking into account the characteristics of the road system and journey times.

The operations carried out by CLO operators follow a precise procedural process, which includes:

  • delimitation of the intervention area,
  • removal of residues from the road platform,
  • cleaning and washing,
  • aspiration,
  • drying,
  • removal of the road construction site.

All our Centers operate scrupulously applying the operational protocols, in compliance with road regulations, the Code of the Environment and the Safety of workers at work (Law 81/08).

Become an Operational Logistics Center of Security and Environment

If you have a company with useful means and personnel to expand our network of Operational Logistics Centers, send us your application by filling out this form.

Once received, one of our Contact Persons will be available to schedule a meeting at your facility and provide you with all the necessary information to operate in this area.


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