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Certificates and patents

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At Sicurezza e Ambiente, we strongly believe in the reduction and prevention of risks, both for people and for the environment, for this reason we use state-of-the-art equipment and machinery together with operational protocols, designed and patented by our company.

Our investments in Research & Development have allowed the team in charge to design, design and build specific devices and equipment suitable for the restoration of road safety.

The certification attesting the structural uniqueness and the operativity of our company is the result of the engagement in order to realize means, operating protocols and machinery, all rigorously conceived and patented by our company, that currently constitute strengths and pride for our reality.

The homogenous professionalism and quality of our work on the entire national territory is also proven by quality certifications and certificates obtained at national and international level.

National Register and ISO Certifications

Our company has all the requirements identified by law for the correct implementation of the road safety restoration service. We are registered in the National Register of Environmental Managers in the following categories:

  • Category 1 “Mechanized sweeping activities for the collection and transport of municipal and similar waste”
  • Category 2a “transport of waste on own account”
  • Category 5 “Collection and transport of hazardous waste”
  • Category 8 “intermediation activities and trade in waste without holding the waste”
  • Category 9 “Remediation of contaminated sites”

In addition, our company has pursued the achievement of additional certifications that attest to its skills and qualities. Here are our ISO certifications, recognized both at Italian and international level:

  • UNI ISO 9001:2015, all the activities of Coordination and management of road maintenance respond to a Quality System, part of the Integrated System that is equipped with Safety and Environment.
  • UNI EN ISO14001:2015, also known as “Compliance of its environmental management measures”. It certifies the ability of the company to identify its impact and environmental risks, as well as the related opportunities for improvement.
  • ISO 14067:2018, certification that requires the study of its climate footprint, thus defining its impact in the development of climate change.
  • ISO 45001:2018, certifies the compliance of the Occupational Safety and Health Management System. It replaces the previous OHSAS 18001 certification, facilitating integration with other management systems.
  • EN ISO 18295:2017, its obtaining guarantees to the customers the conformity of the activities of the Operations Room, that is the unit that allows the fast connection between who reports the incident and the CLO
  • ISO 27001:2013, in response to the increasingly widespread need for the processing of data collected in accordance with privacy legislation.
  • ISO 39001:2012, certification that indicates the requirements in the development of a Road Safety Management System aimed at allowing each organization to reduce deaths and serious accidents resulting from road collisions, with a view to improving prevention.
  • ISO 37001:2016, obtained by the introduction of tools and policies for the prevention and combating of corruption, active and passive, as well as fraud, crucial issues also present in the Code of Ethics of Security and Environment and in the application of the Organizational Model 231, adopted since 2010.

Our company has also obtained the SA 8000:2014 certification, demonstrating the application of standards on Social Responsibility defined by the SAI (Social Accountability International)in particular as regards the development and testing of management systems and risk situations of workers.

The uniqueness of our operating processes has also been certified by the “AJA Registrars Europe”, which has found the use of means, instrumentation and operating protocols designed and patented by us, with exclusive right.

SA owns the following patents:

  1. The Genius Perfected Multifunctional Module – Patent for Italian utility model No. EN 0277664 of 28/02/2014;
  2. The Improved Multifunctional Motor Vehicle – Italian patent for industrial invention IT number 1416517 of 19/06/2015.


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