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Emergency response

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Acting promptly to restore road safety and remove any spilled material on the road is crucial both to reduce the environmental impact and to the safety of those who ride on that stretch.

Our company offers a wide range of emergency road services to owners and/or managers of road networks, from the detection of pitfalls on the road to the safety of appliances damaged as a result of accidents.

Among the services of emergency road intervention offered by the company there is also the intervention for the signaling of potholes and for the safety following the fall of materials from buildings. In addition, we provide security support following calamitous events.

Thanks to the widespread distribution of Operational Logistics Centers (CLO) throughout the national road network, our company is able to ensure immediate intervention in case of road accidents. In fact, we turn to the CLO closest to the place of the accident as soon as we receive the request for intervention, making sure that the operators arrive on site within 30 minutes.


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