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Road rehabilitation services

The Municipal Administrations are required by law to ensure the safety and fluidity of the movement but often do not have the necessary specialized resources. To meet these needs, the post-accident recovery service was born in the zero cost formula for Administrations, conceived in 2006 by Sicurezza e Ambiente S.p.A.

Our company operates under the “Concession of Services” and receives as consideration only the management and economic exploitation of the service, therefore, never and in no case the Administration is required to pay for the execution of post-accident restoration interventions.

The costs are borne by the insurance companies of the subjects civilly responsible and, if the vehicle responsible for the spill is not identified, the intervention of cleaning of the road is however guaranteed with costs at our expense to allow the restoration of road safety, thus also improving the image of the Public Administration.

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Restoration of road safety conditions and environmental matrices following an accident

Restoration of road infrastructure

Major post-accident road rehabilitation

Removal of abandoned vehicles

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