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Restoration of road infrastructure

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We guarantee the restoration of road infrastructure through the repair or replacement of appliances and buildings damaged by road accidents. These include:

  • vertical signs,
  • traffic lights,
  • guard-rail and bollards,
  • walls and gates,
  • public lighting poles,
  • road barriers,
  • cycle paths,
  • signs,
  • damaged asphalt,
  • fences and other.

The service does not involve any cost for the road operators, but the costs for the repair or replacement are fully anticipated by us and subsequently requested from the Insurance Companies (RCA) of the vehicles responsible, with taking the various risks related.

Stages of road infrastructure rehabilitation

Upon arrival at the site of the accident, our operators perform the necessary operations to restore the previous state and to ensure smooth and safe circulation through a precise procedural process:

  1. delimitation of the intervention area;
  2. removal of residues from the road platform,
  3. cleaning and washing;
  4. aspiration,
  5. drying;
  6. removal of the road construction site.


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