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Our local representatives are professional figures of great importance in the field of road safety. They operate throughout the national territory and possess specific technical, operational and relational skills, constituting an indispensable support for the Central Management of the company.

The main activity carried out by the territorial contacts consists in the activation of the conventions with the local Authorities, with the objective of restoring the safety conditions on the roads. Thanks to their expertise, they are able to effectively manage orders and contracts with CLO (Operational Logistics Centers) and with any other supplier, ensuring compliance with the required quality standards.

In addition, they also play an important role in managing relations with customers and local authorities. Not only do they analyze, province by province, the strategic location of the CLO already present on the territory, but they contribute to the planning of the progressive evolution of the society, looking in particular at the journey times and the key points of the road system. 
Finally, our local contacts, thanks to their technical and relational skills, play an important role of control, carrying out regular inspections in the CLO of their competence and detecting any problems in the bud with the ultimate objective of ensuring the constant quality of service and the safety of operators.


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