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How many uninsured vehicles are there in Italy?

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How many uninsured vehicles are there in Italy?

In Italy there are still many vehicles that circulate without insurance, this phenomenon involves the loss of about 280 million a year in the state coffers. According to the most recent estimates of ANIA, the National Association of Insurance Companies, the means that travel without insurance cover in Italy represent 5.9% of the total circulating. The report of ANIA is based on the numbers provided by the Civil Motorization that, in turn, holds the data of the PRA, the Public Automobile Register, and refers to the entire fleet circulating on the road, divided by the categories of vehicles and motor vehicles. In practice, in 2019 out of 45.1 million vehicles in Italy, about 2.6 ran undisturbed without RC cars.

Differences on a regional basis

The percentage of uninsured vehicles is very different in different parts of the country. In the north the average is around 3.8% of uninsured vehicles, in particular the regions of Friuli Venezia Giulia and Trentino Alto Adige are the most virtuous, totaling respectively 2.8% and 2.3%. The figure for the Centre instead seems to align with the national figure of 6%, although in the city of Rome and Lazio the figures are still very high (9.4% in Rome and 8.5% in Lazio).

The situation is still very critical in the southern regions of the boot, where the average reaches 9.4%, thus far exceeding the national figure. This means that one in ten vehicles will travel without regular insurance coverage. In this case, Campania is the region with the highest percentage of uninsured vehicles with 12.4% of the total circulation, followed by Calabria (10.3%) and Sicily (9.7%). The highest peak is recorded in the cities of Naples (16.1%) and Reggio Calabria (12.8%).

The downward trend

Despite the number of uninsured vehicles in Italy remains very high, it should be noted that the trend of recent years is in sharp decline. This is probably due to more effective prevention and control measures such as the electronic risk statement. According to the estimates of the ANIA the decrease is substantial, since it has passed from the 3,9 million uninsured vehicles of 2014 to the 2,6 of 2019; but Italy is still far from the very low percentages that are recorded in other European countries such as Germany and Spain.

Image Source: Redazione Sicurezza e Ambiente


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