Sicurezza e Ambiente S.p.A. operates the service of restoration of conditions of road safety and environmental matrices .
Sicurezza e Ambiente
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Safety Roads and Land Protection

Sicurezza Stradale


Reduce traffic accidents caused by the presence of liquids and debris on the road surface , restoring the conditions of traffic safety post accident , ensuring the immediate achievement of the places affected

Tutela Ambientale


Protect the environment and people's health recovering and disposing of waste left on the ground in the wake of an accident , due to operational protocols and advanced machinery , all meticulously designed and patented

Abbattimento Frodi


We help to avoid insurance fraud to save on premium insurance r.c. car, providing a complete and integrated range of solutions with high added value such as
the Black Box and App SA Free

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Upon the occurrence of a road accident, Sicurezza e Ambiente intervenes to clean / decontaminate the affected portion of the road from the residues of the incident, throughprocedures and operating protocols certified and vehicles, equipment, software covered by patents.

Sicurezza e Ambiente provides the immediate achievement of these regions through its operational network, widely distributed throughout the country, in order to crystallize the accident scene , to combat insurance fraud, successfully restore road safety and protect the surrounding environment.

With the largest operational network by number of structures and operators specialized, Sicurezza e Ambiente is today one of the best practices in the global info- mobility and the fight against insurance fraud .

By a consolidated experience in the sector, Sicurezza e Ambiente continues to design, implement and manage more comprehensives and integrated solutions with high added value increasingly competitive and innovative.




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